Episode 12 – Curtis J. Hannah – Single Work-From-Home Dad

Common Sense Choices Episode #12. Sit back and enjoy a fun, lively discussion of how it works behind the scenes of a single work-from-home dad. Technology, compartmentalization and delegation are all involved. Linda interviews Curtis J. Hannah who describes himself as an elder millennial who understands the struggles of today’s ever changing technology world and how challenging it can be for someone who grew up knowing how to rewind a cassette tape with a pencil. Curtis and his children, Hensley and Hollis, have lots to teach us about an in-home business.

Linda calls him the BEST technology trainer out there. His kind, gentle, patient spirit makes you and your group feel empowered and not overwhelmed as you learn how to navigate the newest technology tools.

Homework: Visit https://curtis.pink and consider using his services if you find yourself yelling at your phone or computer or your entire organization needs technology training or you are in need of an event organizer (he was the man behind the scenes that made the magic happen at Linda’s big events for years).

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