Episode 41 – Curtis J. Hannah – What’s My Password? Internet Safety

In this episode Linda describes the 2 weeks where several of her accounts were hacked and what she learned through the process. Linda discusses internet safety with Curtis Hannah and things you can do to insure that this doesn’t happen to you. Curtis offers a special session to secure your social media accounts https://calendly.com/curtisjhannah/secure, monthly advice by joining THE CURTIS CLUB https://curtis.pink/club and one-on-one help https://calendly.com/curtisjhannah

To apply for private COMMON SENSE ADVICE coaching with Linda Toupin https://forms.gle/6CsjrCk6vwSq5pV3A

About Common Sense Choices:
“We are where we are by the choices we have made, or we have allowed others to make for us.” It’s a simple truth of personal responsibility.

Want to change your life? Change your choices. Join Linda Toupin each week as she covers a wide variety of topics that range from culture to basic life and business skills to how to remain sane in a world gone mad.

Expect fun, lively discussion, guest speakers, opportunities for you to contribute. In times like these we need STRONG, CONFIDENT citizens who are healthy mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually and financially. Consider your time with her each week to be a life skills class filled with hope and strategy for a better you, which in turn will make a better world.

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About Linda Toupin:
Linda was raised on a dairy farm in southeastern Kentucky where she developed a strong work ethic and sense of personal responsibility. These, along with a “milking the cows” mentality (it didn’t matter if you were tired, in a bad mood or a relative had just died, the cows still had to be milked) created strong mental health habits and a solid sense of purpose. Linda went from milking cows to waiting tables as she worked her way through college where she earned her Undergraduate and Graduate degrees in Home Economics and Secondary Education. She taught in the public school system for ten years. During that time, she started her own in-home business and, over the next 38 years, built a multi-million dollar sales organization both nationally and internationally. Linda has trained tens of thousands of businesswomen around the globe in life and business skills. She is the mother of two and grandmother of two.

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