Summertime Rewind | Episode 10

Common Sense Choices Episode #10. Linda grew up on her family’s dairy farm in SE Kentucky and her ‘milking the cow mentality’ created a work ethic that was fundamental in creating her own successful in-home business. The first question Linda always asks anyone starting their own business is “Tell me what your parents did for a living?” There is a difference between growing up in an entrepreneurial family and a traditional one (parents worked for other people). She believes that much of the stress of owning your own business lies in expectations traditional people bring into their business. She believes to rally support for your in-home business you MUST treat it in many ways as a Traditional job.

Homework: Download this tracking tool and color code it as to when you will work your in-home business.…

Suggested color code (also figure your dollar per hour you made last week in your business).

A. Green – Activities that DIRECTLY produce income
B. Pink – Activities that INDIRECTLY produce income (planning, posting, coaching and communication with team members, customers and potentials)
C. RED – Office activities that are secretarial and could be delegated
D. ORANGE – Family and home responsibilities
E. Blue – Spiritual activities
F. Purple – Personal time, activities and grooming
G. Black – Another job

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