Episode 27 Rerelease – Jennifer Mullins and Rachael Bullock

In this Episode you will meet Jennifer Mullins and Rachael Bullock. They each have a very different story but with the same message. Preparing for the unexpected will save people you love money, time and heartache in a time of intense grief.

Jennifer’s father was tragically murdered. He died without any written legal instructions for his family made in advance. Her advice and what she learned in the months and years that followed may save your family the same heartache. Rachael’s mother is dealing with the terminal diagnosis of ALS. Listen as Rachael walks you through the steps her mother and family are taking to insure her legacy and the preparation they are making in advance.

Resources mentioned in the podcast:


*teamgleason.org (funds trips & much more for ALS patients and families)

Side note – on amazon prize video is a movie called Gleason that tells the story of NFL player Steve Gleason and his ALS journey after being diagnosed at age 34 (he’s still alive)

*memorieslive.org (will create a FREE video/slideshow for someone with a terminal illness)


*Evernote (Rachael says it is literally her brain – virtual notebooks with notes about anything and everything and she loves that it syncs across all devices; She has a folder called ALS and then subfolders under that like Dr Appts, To Do, To Buy, To Call, Key Contacts, etc.)

*Keeper Password Manager (one secure place to store ALL your log-ins for everything)

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