Episode 21 – Legacy Grandparenting with Bett Vernon Pate

Common Sense Choices Episode #21. Linda interviews Bett Vernon Pate who is the Ambassador for the State of Florida for https://legacycoalition.com

The Legacy Coalition is an organization dedicated to helping grandparents have a greater spiritual impact on the lives of their grandchildren. This incredible ministry can be brought into your home church or you can simply sign up to receive their bounty of resources.

Bett shares her spiritual journey with you and how she became involved with the Legacy Coalition. Plus shares how you can be part of their annual Grandparenting Legacy Summit October 20th -21st. http://legacycoalition.com/summit/ or even to have your church be a host for the live streamed summit https://legacycoalition.com/summit/ho…

Homework: Share this Episode with as many people as possible including church leaders.
Go to https://legacycoalition.com and sign up for their free abundant resources
Check out the https://legacycoalition.com/summit/ and consider registering either to watch from your home or host in your home church.

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