Episode 37 – Julianne Nagle – When the smoke clears be the one left standing

Julianne Nagle finishes out our series ‘When the smoke clears be the one left standing.’ Julianne shares just a few of her life’s ‘adventures’ that would have destroyed most people but instead made her stronger. She ‘rewired’ her own thoughts so to be able to not only survive but be capable of thriving. Don’t miss her 4 steps to living a more fulfilled life after a tragedy.

Since her retirement in January 2023 she has moved from mentoring and training women how to run successful in-home businesses to teaching men and women how to live a healthier, plant-based life through her food truck and on-line cooking classes. Now you can spend time and be inspired by her each week. Check it out https://gardenoveaten.com/taste

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